Install Android App In PlayBook Using BBHTool

Users of RIM tablet, PlayBook, would be glad to hear this news. PlayBook tablet users now can install and use the Android-based applications (.apk) on their favorite tablet. It is quite easy, and requires only one additional application that can be downloaded for free. Thanks to lyricidal [at] So this is the how to install Android app in PlayBook using BBHTool.

BBHTool - Install Android App on PlayBook

BBHTool – Install Android App on PlayBook

First of all make sure your PlayBook is in Development Mode and that Android Player is installed and running. After that download the latest BBHTool on BBH-Plus Forums JD’s Blog and follow this below instruction.

  1. Extract all the contents of the downloaded .zip file
  2. Launch BBHTool.exe
  3. Click PlayBook tab
  4. Enter PlayBook IP/Password
  5. Click Add Files
  6. Select .apk files you would like to install
  7. Click Open
  8. Checkmark all .apk files you would like to have installed
  9. Click Install
  10. Wait for installation to complete, and Enjoy!

Another troubleshoot for this how to, please going to Thread: How To: Install .APK to PlayBook Android Player on BBH-Plus Forums.

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